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Hi, I'm Mark

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Mark Kampf is currently a retired executive and 8-year Pahrump resident. Mark is married to Brenda Kampf, a recently inducted, active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. He is the father of three sons, two of whom are Naval Academy Graduates. He has three young grandchildren.


Mark worked for decades within the world’s largest companies to help them improve internal controls and streamline processes. Kampf started his career with Coopers & Lybrand CPAs, where he earned his CPA in the state of Ohio. He progressed through British Petroleum to the position of Controller of BP Alaska and retired from his career as Director of Audit Operations Americas at Apex Analytix. Seeing the need to serve his community and to build on the service provided by our current Nye County Clerk, Mark decided to come out of retirement to answer the call of duty.


The attacks on our Constitutional Republic over the last several years have inspired me to run for Nye County Clerk as the best way to give back service to my country and my community.  With the impending retirement of our Nye County Clerk, there is a great need to fill that position with someone who will serve our voters and our Fifth Judicial District Court system with integrity, honesty, and experience. This position is too important to leave to anyone but someone who has the experience and drive to serve the citizens of Nye County with honor.


The stresses placed on our election systems due to new laws and regulations require leadership and determination to ensure that all Nye County residents have the confidence that their vote will count in full, regardless of party or political affiliation. I will apply my proven analytical skills and solutions approach to ensuring the Nye County voter registration records are effectively updated and maintained. In Nye County, as with the rest of our Nation, protecting the chain of custody for each ballot is essential to maintaining voter confidence and ultimately our Constitutional Republic.


The impact of COVID-19 and its economic effects caused a spike in crime that put a strain on our District Court system. The resulting increase in demands on the Nye County Clerk’s office to maintain court records require effective process management and problem-solving skills to continue to allow these teams to meet those challenges.

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